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I'm gonna be out of work for the next few months on account of a surgery and recovery; so if you've ever felt like commissioning something now would be an outstanding time!

Custom stock photos-$50 for a set of four Before And After by Dailiaa

Graphite Sketch-$15  Untitled by Dailiaa

Manipulated Graphite Sketch-$20  Doll by Dailiaa

Traditional Colored-$30  Bubbles by Dailiaa
Digital Black and White-$30  Moette the Vampire Assassin by Dailiaa

Digital Clean-Line Black and White-$30  Aphrodite by Dailiaa

Digital Color-$40  Succubus by Dailiaa

Recolors-$10  Vintage Recolor- English Rose by Dailiaa

Photo-manipulations-$10  Venus De Milo by Dailiaa

Some pictures may go missing for a little bit, don't worry, I'll re-upload them! I'm just a bit of a neat freak and gotta keep things tidy, so I'll be cleaning up old pictures I'm no longer happy with. 

Dailiaa's Deviantart

I have internet again! It's pretty shoddy, but it'll do!  Hello everyone!
I'll be packing a moving in the next few days, probably wont have internet for awhile, so see ya on the flip side!